VIBE, Issue 17

Dear Readers,

One of the most heartening aspects of my work here at Vibe involves meeting all kinds of ‘fannuverin’ and people who strive to excel in their respective fields. From artists, designers, musicians to athletes and culinary stars - listening and reading about their struggles and successes is what i consider a privilege. For the seventeenth installment of Vibe, we brought together another selection of inspiring individuals who have so much to offer beyond their prodigious talents.

One such person is Hawwa Inasha or Kween - the country’s most admired young model agreed to grace our cover. This is Kween’s first cover shoot for a local magazine and we are thrilled to have her as part of Vibe’s growing community. Our tête-à-tête with the stunner promises some revealing insights into her hidden talents and we also find out the meaning behind her famous pseudonym.

It is said that some are born talented, but those who harness them and use it for a greater cause or reason is undeniably an admiring trait. Artist Sam’s alluring paintings of the ocean and it’s magnificent dwellers are used to send an important message on nature conservation.
As we belong to a vulnerable country, we are one of the first to witness the
detrimental effects of climate change. Through her paintings, Sam urges everyone to start taking action.

We have all heard of the silver-haired beauty aficionado called Justin, after all he is one of the few leading men in a predominantly-female-established field of beauty. Justin has been working tirelessly to launch his eponymous beauty studio and has shot some spectacular looks exclusively with Vibe.

As for our Looks section, the latest Summer trends had a great influence in our flat lay. From beach inspired jewelry beaded with shells and pearls to fruity prints and espadrilles, we hope there is something for everyone. The tropical theme continues to this issue’s Recipes as well - an easy-to-make tropical slushy is perhaps the perfect refreshment to cool down with, while you lie under the sun with a Vibe magazine.

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