KEVIN – A multi faceted Individual

If having a meal outside on the street is something you are looking for in our busy little Male’ city, then Comfood is perhaps one of the first places any local would suggest. Located on a narrow street in Henveyru not too far from ‘Raalhugandu’ a popular surf point – you can easily tell it’s Comfood with the buzz of conversation and laughter, music being played on speakers and people enjoying a cuppa or snacking on a healthy roll.  

Comfood provides an experience that no other place in Male’ does as of yet. I had the privilege of sitting down and having a conversation with the man behind the idea and got to learn a little bit more about him. 

While food is something Kevin is passionate about, the love for food comes hand in hand with a drive to stay healthy and lead a well-balanced lifestyle. He has always stood out, with his unique sense of style and all around laid-back vibe that he carries himself with. Kevin has always maintained a healthy figure and is an avid runner, which isn’t hard to tell judging by his toned and lean frame. 

I was looking forward to getting to know a little insight into what makes him who he is today and learn a little bit more about Comfood and ‘Kasrathu’, a new fitness camp that he started recently with a friend.  

As I met him to start the interview I was greeted with a warm smile and we chatted for a bit as he looked over the questions. I could immediately sense how laid back he was and his energy was warm and it immediately felt like I was talking to an old friend, despite having met him only once prior to this interview.

I always feel that if you stay focused and disciplined in life, never giving up and always striving to reach your goals, the drive to do it will come naturally…

Q. Most people know you by the name Kevin, would you be able to tell us a little bit about how the name came about?

“Well the answer isn’t really all that exciting, it was simply because there were so many Ammadays around, one of my friends gave me the nickname Kevin, and it’s just stuck through out the years, I didn’t choose the name.”

Q. How did you become passionate about food?

“I have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and eating well is a huge part of it. I also wanted to share this with others. Eating clean and staying healthy is what I drive to achieve in my life.”

Q. Comfood has become a popular hang out spot for a lot of people here in Male’, what in your opinion is the reason behind its popularity?

“I feel that the main reason is the friendly vibe and good finger food. Good food and good vibe is always a winning combination in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, which is what you will find at Comfood’

Q. Judging by the name ‘Comfood’ comfort food must be something you enjoy, what would be your ultimate go-to comfort food?

“My all time favorite go to Comfood would be our boava rolls, Nutella brownie and mangopassion drink.”

Q. The famous ‘Boava Roll’ (octopus roll) is such a favorite amongst so many people, what was the inspiration behind the recipe?

“Octopus has always been a popular delicacy among Maldivians, but it’s not readily available in male. It’s also really hard to catch and prepare for cooking. That’s why I decided to put the octopus roll on our menu and make it a unique attraction.”

I have always wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and eating well is a huge part of it. I also wanted to share this with others. Eating clean and staying healthy is what I drive to achieve in my life.

Q. What do you have in mind for the future of Comfood?

“I always think that if you have a winning formula then there is really no need for bringing major changes to it. However there is a new dine-in surprise venture coming up! So stay tuned for it.”

Q. Apart from your love for food, you are known for your drive behind staying fit and maintaining your body and image throughout the years. Would you tell us how you stay so driven and maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

“I always feel that if you stay focussed and disciplined in life, never giving up and always striving to reach your goals, the drive to do it will come naturally. Find something to do that you are passionate about and will never get tired of doing it.”

Q. ‘Kasrathu camp’ came into being not so long ago, what is it and what are some of the services you provide?

“Kasrathu camp is a shared vision between myself and my friend Martha who is a trainer and we’ve had this idea for a couple of years now. The objective of the camp is to help people implement fitness as a part of their everyday lives. We focus on callisthenic workouts (using your own body weight). I am the running coach, I focus on the cardio training of our clients and Martha focuses on the strength and endurance training.” 

Q. Food, fitness and fashion, these are some of the things we think about when we hear the name Kevin, since we’ve touched base on food and fitness, would you now be able to tell us a little bit about your style, and what inspires the way you dress?

“I have always loved being well dressed. I feel that if you make an effort to look good then you will also feel good naturally and fashion is a big part of it. I do dress accordingly to my moods and also depending on what I have to do on any given day. Confidence is in the mind.”

Q. Do you think that there is a stigma surrounding men who enjoy grooming and general up keep here in the Maldives? If so why do you think that is?

“I think it used to be like that before, but I don’t think that you need to make any distinction between men and women when it comes to grooming and fashion. It’s a universal concept, which applies to everyone.”

Q. What would you describe your style as? 

“I would say that even in dressing, my style is drawn towards comfortable outfits which makes me feel good.” 

Q. Would you say that men’s fashion or the way men in the Maldives dress has evolved over the years?

“ Yes I would say that, nowadays, due to the influence of social media, men are more aware of how to dress appropriately on any given occasion.”

Q. What would be a word of advice or a general rule of thumb you live your life based on?

“Be kind, stay happy and respect each other.”

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