VIBE, Issue 18

Dear Readers,

The eighteenth issue of VIBE Maldives marks my one year anniversary at the magazine – and what an extraordinary year it has been with the team here at VIBE. After almost six years working as a fashion writer and later serving as the editor; I’ve seen an incredibly positive development in the local fashion scene. 

We have featured countless artists from different fields and shared their awe-inspiring journeys with you all. The eighteenth installment of VIBE is special as its an assortment of artists and professionals but also it strings together a common spirit – passion. From Reggae artist and ‘Dinbaa’ founder Haisham, to our local earth warriors Afrah and Hamsha from Zero Waste Maldives. Each have a fervent desire to push themselves forward and they do it in the most selfless ways. 

Whilst we talk about artists from various fields, we rarely come across individuals who are multifaceted. Our cover star Kevin is one such individual. A fitness enthusiast who equally loves food and most of all loves to share it with others through his humble food outlet ‘Comfood’ – Kevin’s warm energy is infectious and is as addictive as his famous ‘Comfood boava rolls’.

We have featured yet another remarkable visual artist, Firushana. She takes us through her unique abstract paintings and shares her inspirations. We have recently noticed a surge in home bakers and the general publics enthusiasm for home-baked goods, which leads us to the brilliant baker Azza. She was also very generous to share a special recipe with us. 

The year seems to have gone by with the blink of an eye, and we have already seen a multitude of trends. If you are looking for ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe then turn to our Style column for some sartorial inspiration. After all it is always better to walk into a fresh year with style that embraces your unique personality. 

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