Miracle Mira!

Inspired her dad, the very famous local musician; Mezzo Mohamed Majid, Mira started singing at a very young age. First appeared on the Inter school singing school competition in the year 1998. Ever since then, Mira has been constantly getting all the love from her fans, family and friends for her great talent and amazing stage performance. Currently, she is one of the leading female vocalists in Maldives.

An average 21 year old is probably the best to define her. Her everyday routine consists of the very normal, usual things. Eat, sleep and watching TV. Thus, a very down to earth young girl with passion and love towards this industry.

What’s a normal day like to you?

Oh well. Eat, sleep, watch TV and sleep again. *shrugs*

How do you define music?

Music is passion. Music is life.
The one thing I cannot live without. Cure to all my illnesses. The perfect ease. The main source of falling in love for me.

What is it being like a female artist in the Maldives?

A lot of competition actually. I am not a competitive person. But if I was, I see a lot of competition. Too much talent but not enough help out there to show cast our talents for what it really is. To be honest, the best we can do here is resort music; that’s where we find more opportunities and appreciated crowd.
‘Being a resort musician, I find myself being appreciated more & more with each show.’

What do you want to achieve in life and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

As high as I can go with music, but what I really want is a small family. A loving husband and two beautiful kids. Which is what I really want to achieve and look forward for in the next five years.

You’ll always tap your feet to?

Michael Jackson! Well, lame or not – one direction too! And almost any cheesy Indian song with good dance beats which that I can get my hands on!

My dad has always been my inspiration. Biggest inspiration, actually. So I’ll always be dancing to his songs for sure. And as far as my taste music goes, I don’t have anything in specific too.

Being a musician I believe exploring all genres is the best way to become the best.’


How do you keep up with your social life and how do you manage time?

I play only a few shows per week. Sometimes it’s hectic depending on the shows and functions in Male’. But my friends and family are always top priority. I always find time for them one way or another.

Tell us about that one day you couldn’t help but smile throughout?

I’ve a special friend. A very special friend. And every time I see him playing around with his son… It’s just the way he is with him. Makes me smile like an idiot every time! Every single moment I see this. It puts the biggest smile on my face.

If you weren’t here doing this interview right now, where would you most likely be at?

Probably watching the amazing world of gumball in the arms of my one and only.

What were your biggest shows so far?

Miss world 2000. I was only seven years back then. However, that was one of the biggest shows to be held in Maldives and it really was something for me! The Eid show this year was pretty amazing too. Followed by Olympians with youth where so many legendary singers performed. It was an honor being the only youth to have the chance of performing with Mr. Hamdhi on stage.

Biggest accomplishment?

Hearing my dad say ‘I’m proud of you as a singer.’

Future plans and goals?

Studying hopefully. Funnily enough, that too in literature. But seriously, I don’t plan on taking things step by step. I plan on going with the flow.

Three very important things to you?

MIRA’s Circle – Mom, dad, brother, best friend and boyfriend.
My cat, Uska.
And I really can’t decide if it’s on my guitar or my memories.

Thanks to?

Mom and dad. Mom for the courage and dad for the inspiration. My brother for being annoying and balancing out everything in my life. All my friends and teachers for their endless support. My boyfriend and best friend for holding my hand always and most importantly, my loving fans for standing by me.

Keep spreading the good vibes, Mira! Your voice will always be admired. Best wishes to you from team VIBE.

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