“Happiness is Homemade” – Azleena, Azzlicious Bakes

Much like the rest of us, Azleena’s dream began with failures. Or to be more specific, with raw middles like an unintended lava cake. Attempts with the basic, the box cake mix, would end up burnt. But every success story begins with miscalculated amounts of ingredients. 

Even though her failures were disheartening, Azleena’s passion that sprouted at a young age pushed her to learn more and to take part in a patisserie course right after she graduated from high school. The decision was fruitful as it helped her narrow down within the many varieties of desserts, to cookies and petit four.



After attaining newfound confidence, Azleena began baking cookies and cakes for her family and friends. It was the unlimited support and encouragement from them, especially her sisters that actualized Azzlicious Bakes.  Although quiet during the initial years, as she was challenged to balance her passion with her further studies, she came back this year more driven than ever.

I believe that my secret ingredient is love! It is my love for baking that pushes me to try hard…

Azzlicious Bakes flourished as Azleena introduced her new cookies that were developed from scratch. It is evident that her cookies are incredible, as fresh batches that she sells on her Instagram page disappear within a few hours. To boot, she announced that she is already working on creating new recipes for cookies, which will be introduced very soon. 

While she is overjoyed with the compliments she is receiving for her cookies, Azleena encourages her customers to provide her with constructive criticism. She explained that her best-seller, the Chocolate Chip Cookies enhanced because of the reviews she received. Azleena believes that the formulation of her cookies need not end with her, but it carries on while modifying to the likes of her customers.



As the interview with VIBE continued, Azleena explained how she gives utmost importance to bake at the right temperature, to use quality ingredients and to use the right amount of ingredients, since even a little difference can change the texture or even the taste. She also revealed that her secret ingredient is love. 

“ I believe that my secret ingredient is love! It is my love for baking that pushes me to try hard, to put so much thought into what I bake and to create the best I possibly can! ” Azleena explained passionately.

Although it is a challenge to do all the work that comes with her business, from choosing the ingredients, answering inquiries, taking the orders and more, her dreams do not end here. Inspired by her army of loyal supporters, especially her mum, Azleena dreams of becoming a professional Pastry Chef and to further root her brand by opening a bakery with Azzlicious Bake. 

With the hopes of spreading love and positive vibes through her cookies, Azleena works hard every day to step closer to her goals. 


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