The 10 most Instagrammable places in the Maldives

Be it a sunset or a sunrise, Maldives is arguably one of the most photogenic destinations in the world: You simply can’t beat this island nation that takes pride for its swaying palm trees, fine powdery-sand beaches, dazzling coral reefs and sweeping blue panoramics of the Indian Ocean.

Underwater photography and drone shots already get plenty of play on Instagram, but capturing Maldives’ unique beauty doesn’t stop there. Ahead, we round up 10 delightful points of interest that will bait tons of double-taps on social media.


1 – Liyela Retreat Maldives, Maafushi


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Known for its vibrant roof terrace, set up with colorful rugs and cushions as well as a beautiful Turkish breakfast spread making it a photography heaven against the stunning backdrop of the ocean. One for the bucket list if you haven’t made it there already.

2 – Kelaa, Haa Alif Atoll 


Image: @fromthetropicals


In the heart of Kelaa Island, you’ll find its most prominent topographical feature – an almost continuous belt of palms on both sides of the Main Street. The lush tropical setting will have you ‘gramming palms like there’s no tomorrow.

3 – Fuvahmulah Nature Park


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Don’t forget to take your drone if you want to cross this spot off your Instagram bucket list! A beautifully crafted wooden walkway extends over a blanket of lush grass, allowing the surroundings to reflect a moment of ataraxia. Aim high! The unique perspective given by a drone shot is unlike any other.

4 – Vaavu Keyodhoo Wreck



Surrounded by pristine coral reefs and dramatic undersea landscapes, a kilometer away from the island of Keyodhoo in Vaavu atoll sits the wreckage a 90s safari boat. Today, it’s remains stick out of the water, creating a sight that never fails to awe!

5 – Ranin Hanaa Fengandu, Addu City 


Perched on the far end of Hithadhoo island in Addu city, Ranin Hanaa Fengandu is a large natural pond within an environmentally protected area. The pond is most notably photographed with reflections of the water and the facades of coconut palms and lush tropical foliage.

6 – Maabaidhoo, Laamu Atoll



A majestic body of water accompanied by views of lush greenery. You’re probably familiar with this bent palm tree which is archi-popular in Instagram with the swing. Bonus Instagram points earned for taking a dip in the lake!

7 – Laamu Atoll, Link Road 



Palm trees are everywhere on the island, and you can’t possibly miss them when you’re going from one island to another. So don’t be afraid to hop on a motorbike and just go off at your own leisurely pace. You’ll find yourself in one of these palm tree-lines roads soon enough, and it will take your breath away.

8 – Malé Travellers Market



The historic market is your one-stop-shop for the freshest produce from the local islands, so naturally, there will be lots of colorful fruits and vegetables to photograph.

9 – Hanifaru Bay



Get your snorkel gear ready! This UNESCO biosphere reserve is one of Maldives’ most exciting encounters with the natural world and should not be missed if you’re in Baa Atoll. Aside from being one of the world’s most important feeding and breeding grounds for manta rays and whale sharks, it is possible to snap a selfie with these incredible sea giants, as well as get some great shots of the corals and marine life.

10 – Starry night sky and the Milky Way



As we all go about our daily lives, it is very easy to forget that there’s an entire universe swirling above our heads. This could be on any island across the Maldives, but finding a precise location can be a challenge, as you need an area with little light pollution and a smartphone app to assist you in locating the Milky Way. The biggest constraint when doing Milky Way photography is keeping the stars in sharp focus while trying to capture as much light as possible. Keep looking up!

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