One of the youngest fitness instructors at Glowfit talks about keeping herself motivated and shares her thoughts on dietary supplements

Full name : Nasha Shiham (Nash)

Age : 20yrs

Years Active : 3yrs

Currently Working at : Glowfit

Favorite Program: Zumba, Zumba Strong, Steel Combat

Future Goals: Big dreams for the future. Self-improvement and development in both skills and knowledge.

Why did you become a fitness trainer?

My mother is the reason why I am here today and I wanted to join a gym because of her. When I was in school, I remember seeing her going to gym and I would nag her asking her to take me with her. So, once I finished my O’levels in 2015, I joined Glowfit as a receptionist. Soon, I started taking their classes and enjoyed it a lot. I fell in love with Zumba! I used to have a very shy personality but I think it changed after joining Glowfit. The people there are so nice and it didn’t take me long to get adjusted. We’re like a big family at Glowfit. I gained interest and love towards fitness because of my workplace.

How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?

Through fitness refresher courses, research, articles by fitness figures known on a global scale and social media. My colleagues are super helpful, as well. It is a blessing to be surrounded by experienced people willing to help you out.

Do you recommend group fitness? If so, how can we accommodate varying skills and fitness levels?

Yes, it is for everyone! I see so many people of all ages in these classes and they absolutely blow my mind. Group fitness class routines are arranged in a way that it is compatible with all fitness levels. As a group fitness trainer, it is a key responsibility to provide individual attention and alternatives for people who require it. I always try my best to keep an eye on each client.

I want to be fit, feel fit, learn and help people while I help myself

How do you keep your clients motivated?

I think all my clients are motivated to begin with! *chuckles* Each client has their own goals set – which is great! However, I do remind them to always think of it in the long run and that it acceptable to fall off the wagon sometimes because it happens even to the best of us. Myself included. What is important is to remember why you started in the first place, but in case you have trouble remembering, that’s what you pay us for! *wink*

What do you tell clients who are looking for instant results?

‘Nothing happens overnight.’ Always and always, think of it in the long run.

Dietary supplements have become quite popular among many, would you recommend them to enhance a client’s performance?

No, not really. Unless he or she has a very specific goal. We can get all the nutrients we need by following a healthy nutrition plan.

I fell in LOVE with Zumba. That’s how it all started!

How important is nutrition to you? What are your daily meals like?

Of course, I do try to take all my meals and make sure I get the right amount of macro and micro nutrients. On a good day, I take around five to six meals, and both the macro and micro nutrients that I take revolve around a workout plan I follow at the time.

What are your thoughts on organic products and the vegan diet?

Those are interesting topics to discuss and explore. I am not all that familiar with it considering my current lifestyle. There are many fitness enthusiasts and athletes who promote such a lifestyle and use it to achieve goals too. I personally think if it works for you and if you’re able to achieve your goal while keeping it healthy – then you’re all good!

Do you have fitness goals for yourself? What are they?

Of course, I do. And my goals have varied in time too. Earlier, it was mostly about looking good. But I think time made me realize many other essential factors and right now, I am more focused on assessing myself – I try to give most of my time to correct my flaws and do better. Be able to assess, learn and improve. I’d like to take myself on to the next level. It is vital to build a strong foundation. Which will undoubtedly help you in the long run. And that is exactly what I am trying to do.

Find a program you enjoy and start following it!

Do you think this is a good career for young individuals to move forward with? Do you think they can get a steady income from this?

It is. I’d recommend this to anyone who is really passionate about it. You can keep your routine flexible, but at the same time it requires a lot of hard work. I think if you’re driven enough, then you really can. Never do it just for the sake of it! I’ve been able to stay at it, because I whole heartedly love it!

And if you are interested in a career in fitness, hit me up!

What are the three everyday exercises you would suggest and why?

Find a program you enjoy and start following it! I don’t want to suggest any three and I don’t think I have any personal favorites either – but if you have selected a program for yourself, then you’re going to be more than all right!


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