7 easy rules to a healthier body

1. Keep up with your fitness routine even when you’re on the road.

If you are traveling, make sure to bring your headphones along and have a gym playlist ready, find some time for a workout and just do it.

2. Hit the gym with extra motivation.

Working out with a partner helps to give that extra push you need on days when you feel like lazing at home. You both do not need to do the same training, but sweating it out with your partner or friend would make that usual grueling routine a fun and enjoyable one. Try challenging each other with a plank workout.

3. Create a regular workout schedule.

Get your body moving two to three times a week. To set your mood for the day, start your day-off or weekend with a good workout.

4. Tone your abs without fancy equipment.

With every exercise, you should always be using your abs – even when you do squats. Try to feel your core with every movement. You can do it in your room or on the beach using a mat.

5. Turn working out into a social event.

Try to work out together with friends and then plan a nice breakfast or dinner afterwards. You could indulge in a hearty meal, guilt-free after a good calorie burning session.

6. Ease into a fitness routine with short bursts of activity.

You might not be always motivated, but you have to push yourself out of your chair or bed -because the post-workout feeling is great and gives an energetic start to your day. So just start somewhere, say to yourself that you have only 15 minutes and take it comes from there. Once you become regular, exercising for even an hour would become an enjoyable part of your day.

7. Snacks are your best friend.

When you work out a lot, you need to eat enough. It helps to have healthy snacks with you, like your favorite dark chocolate bar or nuts. And don’t forget coconut water!

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